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Visiting the cities of Dalmatia: Zadar-Sibenik-Split-Trogir (Price from 1 100kn or 150Eur)

Day 1: departure from Biograd to Zadar. A walk trough the historic center of the city: we will visit the Roman Forum, a unique church of St. Donat, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the Church of St. Mary, the Church of St. Grisogono, the Church of St. Šime, the church and monastery of St. Francis with a beautiful Renaissance cloister, Gate and city walls, Five Wells Square, People's Square and of course the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation. We will visit museums and return to Biograd. With the planned lunch break. Duration approximately 6-7 hours.

Day 2: departure from Biograd to Split. It follows a tour of the city's beauty: the Palace, and its cellars, the Peristyle, the Golden Gate, Temple of Jupiter, the inevitable split's waterfront, the Cathedral of St. Duje and tour the museum. This is followed by a break for lunch and free time. Departure for Trogir at the appointed time: followed by a tour of the city and its attractions such as Tower Kamelengo, Radovan's portal, Čipiko, Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the towns museum and other urban beauty. The trip takes a full day.

Day 3: departure from Biograd to Šibenik. Walk through the old town where we will see the famous Cathedral of St. James, Town Hall, city wells, the city fortresses and museum of the city of Šibenik. We also have a break for lunch, followed by free time which you can use for walking trough the city promenade that leads to the city beach, which offers a beautiful view of the city. Duration approximately 6-7 hours.

All tours are designed for small groups of 4-12 people. The price includes: professional guide, lunch, and most of the tickets for museums and city sights.

Visiting national parks: NP Kornati, NP Plitvice lakes, NP Paklenica, NP Krka waterfalls + Nature park Vrana lake( Price from 1 870kn or 250Eur)

1. day: National park Kornati - Telašćica
We offer an attractive excursion to the National park Kornati and the Park of nature Telašćica. The departure is from the city port at 9 am, when we serve a welcome drink . Then we sail through the Pašman channel towards the Kornati archipelag. Breakfast (ham & cheese sandwich) is served at 10 am, and includes complementary mineral water, juice and wine. We arrive to the Parks' entry points in approx. 1h 30 min. Pass through the Velika Proversa passage ensues, and then exit to the open sea, where there is a magnificent view of northern Kornati and Sestrice lighthouse from nearest proximity. Then we sail by the cliffs of Dugi Otok which are as high as 110 meters. Throughout the excursion, courtious crew will be at your disposal and gladly reaspond to all questions or requests you may have. Arrival to the centre of the parks the Bay of Mir is at noon, there is a 2 hours break when you can go sightseeing, take a bath or just tan under the warm sun of the Park. We recommend visiting Slano jezero (the salty lake), because of its increased salinity, up to 30% more than the sea, and 5C warmer water. A walk to the top of the cliffs is also highly recommended (10 min) as the view of the open sea is uniquely magnificent. After that we go to island Katina where we, in autenhical fisherman house, serve lunch (grilled fish and meat and salad) with 2 hours break. At Biograd na Moru we arrive at approx 17h.

In price are included: breakfast, lunch, refreshing cold drinks (wine, juice and mineral water) which is served trough entaire excursion as well as ticket entrance to National park.

2. day: Plitvice lakes
Plitvice lakes are recognized as an astonishing natural monument for the benefit and enjoyment of the people now and for the generations to come. Today, 60 years after its establishment, Plitvice Park continues to provide inspiration for visitors becoming nowadays one of Croatia's biggest attractions. Thousands of people from all over the world visit the Park during summer. They come to find peace and relaxation just to experience something different as a getaway from the city. Join them!

The departure is from Biograd at 8:00 o`clock. We drive to NP Plitvice cca 2 hours. Than we take a tour around the most beautiful parts of the park with or without tour guide. After you have a free time when you can take a tour with electric boat or with a small train. On the way to Biograd, we make a stop for a lunch.

3. day: NP Paklenica
The Paklenica National Park stretches on the area of 95 km2 , on the littoral slope of South Velebit under the zone of highest mountain peaks Vaganski vrh (1752) and Sveto brdo (1753). Due to its unique natural features, magnificent forests and extraordinary geomorphologic structures, the area of Velika and Mala Paklenica was proclaimed a national park in 1949. The main reason for proclaiming this area a national park was the protection of the largest and best preserved forest complex in the territory of Dalmatia, which was threatened by overexploitation. Departure is from Biograd, then we take walk trough Paklenica canyon , afterwards lunch brake and return to Biograd. All details of excursion we agree together.

4. day: NP Krka waterfalls and NP Vrana lake
Departure is on cca 9h from Biograd. The way leads us towards Skradin, where we abord on the boat that goes trough Krka canyon to the main waterfall Skradinski Buk. Afterwards you have a free time for sightseeing of all the National Parks` beauty.

Departure from Skradin to Vrana where we have traditional lunch. After that we take a tour to the Natural park Vrana lake, and return to Biograd.

*Remark: All tours are designed for small groups of 4-12 people. The price includes: professional guide, lunch, and the tickets for parks.

*Remark: We offer you a possibility of organising excurions or other activities, according your wishes with our agreement.

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