Canoe safari on the river Zrmanja

From 15.06. every day you have an opportunity to experience the adventure on the river Zrmanja. There awaits an unusual atmosphere: the sound of waterfalls, green river, and friendly hosts.

The adventure begins in the village of Kaštel Žegarski at 10:00h. Once you get instruction how to behave on the river and rowing technique, an adventure may begine. It lasts 5 - 6 hours with some stops for rest and swimming.

We use a stable sit-on-top kayaks for two people. Each kayak has a waterproof container volume of 25 liters (for the camera, documents, dry clothes, food ...), two oars, safety vests, helmets and neoprene.

You should bring: swimsuit, tennis shoes or water slippers, laces for glasses, towels , dry clothes and food.

In price is included: canoe safari (lifejackets, paddles and boats), a professional skipper, accident insurance.